Siteman Cancer Center Traffic Generation Strategy

The Goal
Siteman Cancer Center, one of the largest and most recognized cancer research and treatment centers in the U.S., needed several simple online portals where visitors could learn about its advertising campaigns, access key sections of the Siteman website and contact different locations directly.


The Solution

  • Met with Siteman’s creative team to understand both the feel and mission of the campaigns and traffic generation strategy
  • Sketched out a simple wireframe of landing page layout in real time with the client in order to make the information architecture phase more efficient
  • Designed responsive layouts for each campaign that were similar yet embodied each campaign’s mission with unique calls to action
  • Developed the landing pages using the WordPress content management system so that access permissions could be controlled and administrators could easily add and edit copy, videos, images and other content
  • Dynamically displayed Siteman’s YouTube videos on certain screen resolutions and devices
  • Implemented Google Maps for visitors to easily find multiple locations


Tools & Technologies Used

  • WordPress, PHP, nginx, JavaScript, Modernizr, jQuery, Google Maps, YouTube, Facebook, Google Analytics





Tina Eaton provided project management, copy, and design and content strategy support for this project for Integrity. You can view the original project description here.

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