• Content marketer, writer, and hired gun;

    but you can call me Tina.

Forget what you heard. Content marketing is far from dead. 

…but it is changing. Consumers are savvy. They’re sick of the SEO-stuffed, low-value bull most brands are cranking out.

Let’s give them what they crave: Content and experiences that provide so much value, they can’t help but rave about you. And keep comin’ back for more.

Content marketing writing

Wondering where your competitors are getting that witty yet professional content that inspires readers to take key actions throughout the digital experience? Hint: everything you need is right here. I will create unique content for your marketing campaigns, reorganize and refresh your onsite content as needed, and help develop a roadmap for a digital experience that makes your ideal audience take action.

Content with results ahead. >

Content and brand strategy

Strategy is just a fancy term for organizing stuff; and I’m pretty damn good at it. When it comes to your content and brand, I will nerd out over the opportunity to identify your ideal audience, develop customer personas, define how they interact with your online presence, and even organize all that info into wireframes we can build upon.

What, no strategy!? Holler at me. >

Allow me to brag about some of the awesome people with whom I’ve had the opportunity to work...

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I couldn't ask for a better compliment than a referral from these awesome folks!

"Working with Tina is completely hands off for me, which is great because I’m on the go and don’t have a lot of time to spend on my website. She takes care of all the research and writing and just sends me an email when a blog or marketing email is ready for me to check out. Thank you for everything you do to keep me organized and sane!"
Roxy Rahim Evolution Personal Training
Roxy RahimOwner, Evolution Personal Training
"Tina and I partnered on a website redesign with a picky client. She did plenty of background research, asked thoughtful questions to guide the client, and communicated clearly throughout the process; including making sure the team was in line to meet a tight deadline. She relieved a lot of my stress by delivering well-written branded content. She even made sure she knew the materials well enough to assist with wireframe template creation, which exceeded my expectations."
Elizabeth KingProject Manager, Integrity
"Tina takes direction well and always makes an effort to tailor the content to the right audience. She is always up for any type of project we send her way, whether it’s a creative bio for a client, a blog post, or content and structure for a special landing page."
Melissa Breslin
Melissa BreslinProject Manager, Teneleven

No lifeguard on duty. Dive into my brain at your own risk.

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried this whole writing-about-yourself thing, but I’ll be the first to tell you it’s tough!

I believe I was instilled with my strong work ethic by working-class parents who dropped me off at the neighborhood babysitter in the wee hours and didn’t come back ’til the work was done and the sun was set. I’m a proud St. Louis native, traditionally-trained journalist, and former editor, digital project manager, and marketing professional. I became what I like to call an “accidental freelancer” when I scratched my travel itch by quitting my full-time gig, selling most of my belongings, and moving into a 17-foot Winnebago to explore North America full time. I’m hopelessly obsessed with small-town thrift stores, among my favorite haunts are laundromats with WiFi, I live on mediocre slices from local pizza joints, and using my skills to help you simplify your life and improve your business is one of my greatest joys. Welcome to my world. I’m happy you’re here.

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